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So once the check is cashed, i am responsible no matter what is claimed. I just have to bite 
The bullet. 

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So what you are saying is that you got a check without having anything to check it to be the right amount on the check.  So when you put in your hand, that was saying everything is ok.  Like i said if you cashed it, then that said it all, so now that makes it your baby.  You made that mistake now you have to bite that bullet and no you can't go back to them.  All i need is my money, not anything else, so i can and should not suffer because of your mistake.  Lionel
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You called two games with a student, I knew that, what does that solve.  Boys camp was not 3 days, three gyms.  There was not a log for all official,  is there was a log,  like I told you before, no one gave or told me of log. I mentioned sign-in sheet in the email below.  No other official has said anything about a log, when I asked for help, it seem like they would have said so, but no one did  I have re-read emails-no one else.  You want me to "go back to McNeese" and say what,  We can't get the games right so McNeese, you take care of it.
Bottom Line:
Fact-we should be responsible enough to track our own game and turn in correct amounts regardless-Did not happen and this was too easy and simple
Fact- see below-when sign-in sheet was bought up in the email you have below------ NO ONE SAID ANYHING
Fact- When alerted to problem, we should respond, not sit-email ONE with schedules and details looking for discrepancies asking for help
Fact- When alerted to problem, we should respond, not sit-email TWO with schedules looking for discrepancies asking for help
Fact-When alerted to problem, we should respond, not sit-email THREE with schedules looking for discrepancies  asking for help
All responses documented and shared to all
All I have
Now all can talk, does someone else have any responsibilty
I have tried to resolve this repeatedly-but no one responds.   I know what I sent and I know what was said to me (have email).
You cannot ignore the fact, that this could have been solved quickly but it takes quick response.  I communicate the problem.
These are shared responsibilities.   If  I had good numbers then and you had not gotten paid,  I would have been mad as hell too.  But as of this writing, that has not happened. 
FAX: 800-491-6651
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Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: McNeese Camp
first things is why are you walking around with all that money or a check that may expire in 30 days.  It seems that the boy camp had no problems getting things right, follow that example and go back to Mcneese and make it there problem, that what i'm going to do. I know for a fact that two games i called  was with a student there and the asst, coach approved it, so go back to him and get this straight.  The log is that they have signed sheets from all there games and i know that the asst coach will go through them, he told me he would.  Why would there be logs that someone didn't sign knowing that's the only way to get paid?  So all you have to do is that the number of games the said they done by the number the signed and if they don't jive then only pay for what they signed for, very simple and the suffer for not doing what they had to get paid.  So next week I will get the ball rolling, because i need my money.  Lionel
In a message dated 8/11/2011 7:53:50 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Since we are full of talk right now.  I sent to everyone and asked to help resolve.  You tell me since everyone did not sign a log or did not keep a schedule or work as scheduled. If you remember, I was handed a check made to me for the camp amount on that Friday evening (even though I don't recall you being there) after it had already began.  No one gave me log,  so if I cannot ask you to verify games (which I did-three times), alert you to the problem, then you tell me what I should have done if the all the officials themselves don't respond.  How does the team pay everyone if the the amount charged is not right.  Do you think they would have paid it?  Would have helped them solve or just keep silent to help and complain.   Don't complain help with the solution.  You tell us, with the conditions as they were.  After the camp, how do we take care of it that is fair to everyone (payor and payee). 
Give me your solution.

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Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: McNeese Camp
Now we know after the boys camp that there was a choice as how to get paid.  The guys got paid by check after the done their last game, all check came from Mcneese sports.  So that let us know that you took the choice of  having the check wrote out to you and cashing it to pay us in cash. I tell you what i will do, i'am the person that took the extra game, so now problem solved now give me my money by friday, that's 10 games and not 11 and because i have no money i will miss the football camp also. I hope not to use plan b, because i will need help from others to carry it out.  Lionel
In a message dated 7/18/2011 6:03:42 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
The past few years, we have had problems or irregularities in the claiming of games during tournaments, camps and events that have considerable amounts of games. Those periodic problems have even occurred in schools. I know that in two varsity tournaments we had game pay problems. In one tournament this past year an officials actually did worked a game and school has not paid and that may have been because some body else had claimed one too many..
Everybody needs and wants their money, there is not one single person in the association that is not concerned about their money including myself.
The trend lately is for organizations to write one check for officials’ services. The reason for that is because they know how many games and write a check to cover what they owe and be done with it. They know the problems with game counts and that way they wash their hands of it and it becomes someone else’s problem. We don’t ask or request them to do that, they just do to avoid the problems. Summer activities do it because the bookkeepers are not at school every day as in during the regular season. Schools assume that I and/or the association are under some obligation to work summer and extra curricular basketball activities. The only obligation the association or I have is LHSAA governed activities. Your position is easy, you get paid for games you work, schools that they paid me for the year and I am obligated for all school activities. That is part of the reason, I get stuck, they feel I am obligated. I will make sure the LHSAA clarifies that with all schools this year. As I stated in an earlier email, I am getting out of the extra curricular business and out of harm’s way.
Let’s talk about the McNeese Camp.
Immediately after the camp, I sent an email to all persons clearly stating the following:
            1. The total and individual games claimed
            2. The total number of games paid by McNeese and games that were played (this matched)
            3. I attached a schedule to help rectify the discrepancies
            4. Fact: the claims exceeded the number of games, somebody had claimed too many games
            5. I asked everyone to review and verify your games and confirm
One week later, I sent an email to all persons stating the following
            1. We did find some discrepancies
            2. I sent everyone corrected numbers, according to the responses
            3. I did not even get responses from most people
As of this minute, no other changes have been made
            We are still claiming too much.
Because of the weak or no responses, I have no way of using what was requested to find and resolve the problem. So, we are in a situation where we are now forced to pay more than was given for the camp. We cannot without justification say this individual or that individual is wrong and the other is right, but we do know someone is wrong. Since we cannot judge who is right and who is wrong the balance has to be made up. It cannot be paid without money added.
Where will this additional money come from?
No school, court, judge, LHSAA, even the US Supreme Court can make or will make anyone pay more than agreed upon for the amount of work done no matter what is claimed.
Can’t make McNeese pay, not an association activity, where will the money come from.
People say all kinds of thing as to how to prevent this
            1. Have somebody track them- Who is going to sit there for 3 days and three gyms for free.?             If is not for free, who’s going to pay them?
            2. Sign-in sheets- who is going to keep up with them and make sure they are signed, will all             sign. I have yet to see one of the work
            3.Let the school track it- that is why they like one check, not their problem
All sound good, but not workable. Ultimately, we have to keep accurate track of ourselves and that isn’t that hard to do.
Again, we come back to, Where will this additional money come from?
I have to say, there seems to be very little concern as to where the extra money will come from!
But we all know ultimately whom, it is expected to come from, but it is in no way required to come from anybody.
If we would have given cash as some expect immediately, the “extra” would have exceeded $200, we found some the same afternoon and it went down and then I sent the first email. I send emails so there is verification of the steps taken in regards to legal issues
            1. I sent an email out to all asking for verification and got weak response detailing each                         individual and what each is claiming, we cleared some but it is not right. I have all the
            responses and can verify all non-responses.
            2. I sent a second email a week later, showing the adjustments, but still not right.
            3. No other changes have been reported and still not right.
Twice, I sent detailed reports to each to try to resolve the claims if there were any mistakes or errors. After both emails, and the amount of time that has passed, we can conclude that there is not an error but an attempt to get paid for games not worked. We can show the overage and we can show attempts to reconcile, but whomever have chosen to remain silent and claim monies not due to them. Irregardless of IRS regs, the issuance of checks will verify the amount of money received by each rather than cash which does not have the same record. The opportunity to rectify was given and passed. You will all receive your claimed amount even though it is not rectified. It is all in black and white, no mystery or guessing and the effort to correct has failed again.
I have heard that some are going to call this one or that one, be my guest and do what you think. This is the very reason, they send these check like this. Secondly, this has nothing to do with the association, schools or the LHSAA or anyone else. You just cannot make someone pay for more than is due, they cannot force you to pay a bogus bill. I am sure the request of extra money will interest them or anyone else you can think of.
After checking back with company, checks will release this week, if not stopped. Because of the number of checks, it had to be a payroll account, which only cuts twice a month. These check are not personal checks and will not be mailed locally.

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